The Light of Fire A Documentary Film

After a sudden fire destroys forty years of his work, American-Israeli artist Yoram Raanan begins painting again.
But as surprising images emerge from his new paintings, Yoram and his family are forced to recognize how truly different everything has become.
A film about finding new meaning in pain and destruction. A perfect fit for a Tisha B’av program.

A perfect film for a community event.

From the beginning, The Light of Fire was envisioned as a conversation starter. In today’s world the ideas of loss and resilience that are explored in the film are all so relevant and equally under-discussed.

Full Screening Package available for $150

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  • Conversation guide


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Some of the Feedback from Shluchim for "The Light of Fire”

"The message regarding faith and dealing with challenges is brought across in this thirty minute film in a much more palpaple way than perhaps thirty sermons!"
Rabbi Dov Muchnik, Chabad of Oxnard, CA

"Delicately balances gentle soulfulness alongside the deep inner strengths that we as humans are capable of."
Rabbi Yoel Caroline, Chabad of Key Biscayne, FL

"The people absolutely loved it. As a community of people who are very connected to Israel this was a great way to check the box in a meaningful way."
Rabbi Leibel Kudan, Chabad Oceandrive, FL

"People thanked me for bringing something so different and uplifting. A total success and highly recommended!"
Rabbi Chuni Vogel, Chabad of Delaware