In November 2016, the residents of Bet Meir, a quiet moshav in the hills outside Jerusalem, were awakened by sirens of fire engines, racing to a forest fire surrounding the moshav.

Miraculously, the residents escaped, and the firefighters were eventually able to contain the fire, but not before it destroyed a number of structures.

One of them was the studio of the American-born artist, Yoram Raanan. In it were hundreds of his paintings, a majority of his life’s work.


In the months following the fire, thousands around the world watched with amazement as Yoram rebuilt his studio and began painting again.

His new work was different. Where his pre-fire paintings had been full of bright color, his new paintings were darker, often painted on a black background.

But against this darkness his paintings also showed streaks of gold, a color he’d rarely used before, as if in his personal catastrophe he’d somehow found a new light.

He called it, ‘the light of fire.

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Yoram continued to paint, and as his family watched new images begin emerging from his work, images he’d never painted before, they began to realize how truly different everything had become.

“The Light of Fire,” is a film about faith, family and the courage to see what truly matters.

Runtime is 34 minutes.